Martial Arts for Kids in Sydney


Your child’s holistic development is our main priority. Your child will learn how to physically defend themselves, use correct posture, develop reflexes, coordination and fitness. Mentally your kids cultivate discipline, concentration, mindfulness, confidence and supporting beliefs for a strong mind and bright future. Emotionally, your kids will learn how to calm their minds and balance their emotions, helping them to deal with stress and anxiety and empowering their Kung Fu practice.

Martial Arts Classes for Kids: Why, How and Where?

Our kids program has been put together by Sifu John from his 30 years experience of teaching, training and coaching martial arts and meditation programs. Sifu John is a father of 2 children who actively participate in the One Tao Kung Fu program. Building strong, confident, self aware, loving and compassionate children is a number one priority for the Academy as we believe that by building a strong generation we can in turn make the world a better place. “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – Dalai Lama One of the unique points of our system is that it is internal in its method. Meaning it works from the inside out. Developing a strong mind and body in a fun and playful way. Read More
Youth and adolescence are difficult times for all concerned. There is a very real possibility of your child being led down the wrong path by people and ideas that may appear “cool” but are in reality violent or even illegal. Well, what about enrolling your kids in a program that will keep them safe, active and learning things they don’t actually resent and which can help them throughout their life? Our kids’ martial arts classes are perfect for this. You will know where they are, for one thing. You will know they’ll be looked after and learn positive life skills. Martial arts for kids: why didn’t they have that when you were a grumpy teenager? And it’s not all about physical matters: a key element of our Kung Fu School is meditation – creating a state of calm, awareness and focus, which enables youngsters to think clearly and manage their emotions. All these while picking up useful self defence skills from attending martial arts classes in Sydney.

How Can Martial Arts Training for Kids Help Parents and Children Alike?

At One Tao Kung Fu Academy, we provide a fun yet serious martial arts training for kids. Your child can learn some cool Wushu kung fu moves in Australia while you as parents can relax and know for sure that your child is secure and acquiring life skills.

Can I Check Out OTKFA’s Kids Martial Arts Classes Before I Commit Myself?

Of course. That’s what we would like you to do, in fact. You can bring your child to try a class and afterwards we will show you and them around the academy while talking a bit more about exactly what they stand to gain with our approach to Kung Fu for kids. It’s a pretty involved subject, and there’s a lot to take in, but we will explain all you need to know, answering any questions you or the child may have. Many parents use our martial arts classes for kids to develop their children in a positive way. We can help put them on a good, positive path that’s very different from the listless, meandering way that many teenagers drift along, wasting their potential and getting into trouble. Nobody wants that for their children: you want them bright, alert, enthused and acquiring skills that will see them safely and happily through life. And as a bonus, parents get some “me time”, safe in the knowledge that the next generation is doing something good.

How Can My Child Enroll for OTKFA’s Martial Arts Classes For Kids?

Just call us or use the online form and we’ll take it from there. We will answer any questions you or your young person has, such as explaining the differences between wing chun kung fu vs martial arts. Then they can come and try our kung fu classes for kids and we’ll give you the full tour of our facilities. You can meet the coaches and generally satisfy yourself that kids are safe with us. So get in touch: we’ll be delighted to hear from you. Read Less


  • Develop Self Confidence and build Self Esteem
  • Cultivate Self Discipline,
  • Focus and Resilience
  • Learn a practical and realistic, effective Martial
  • Art built for Street Self
  • Defence
  • Learn to calm the mind and balance emotions
  • Build Physical Strength
  • Develop Correct Posture
  • Cultivate Friendships
  • Deal with Bullying
  • Fun and safe family environment


  • I am peaceful
  • I am loving
  • I am excellence
  • I am confident
  • Health is my greatest wealth
  • I help others when I can
  • I develop my skill everyday
  • I will always act with integrity
  • I am grateful for the blessings of my life
  • I am open to the abundance of life
  • I work on my self awareness
  • I use my Kung Fu for helping not hurting
  • I respect all life

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