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Delving into the origins of foreign words can lead to ever-greater levels of confusion. Wing Chun, for instance, could be literally translated as singing spring boxing, but its actual meaning is not really important. It is a form of martial art, and there is a Wing Chun academy right here in Sydney. Martial arts could be described as civilised forms of fighting, because they are about self-defence rather than aggression, and Wing Chun is a variant that has many devotees worldwide. Whether you want to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu or sign up for Martial Arts classes in Sydney, we are the place to do it.








Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Movie Star Connection

While Wing Chun is one variant of the martial arts, there are also variants within Wing Chun itself, and one of them was driven by a martial arts pioneer called Ip Man. This scion of a wealthy Chinese family devoted his life to Wing Chun and had many eminent students, but the one whose name is instantly recognisable is Bruce Lee, who became mega-famous in the 1970s as the star of martial arts action movies such as Enter The Dragon.

Born in San Francisco, USA, but raised in Hong Kong, Lee studied under Ip Man, and Wing Chun would become his life, as he himself became a trainer. When Lee was cast in Enter the Dragon, though, he became a major international movie star as the Kung Fu phenomenon captured the attention of the world. With his good looks and lean but powerful physique, he became a role model for young people all over the globe. And the popularity of kung fu for kids flourished.

What this has to do with One Tao Kung Fu Academy is that our founder and head coach, Sifu John Cogan, also studied under Ip Man, and Wing Chun in Sydney is thriving largely through his influence.

How Exactly Can Wing Chun Schools Help Me?

The way we do it, Wing Chun classes in Sydney develop and empower people not just physically but mentally too. While self-defence is the best-known aspect, our Kung Fu Academy also teaches meditation to get the mind in optimum condition. Calmness, awareness and focus are key elements in anyone’s overall well-being, enabling us to handle whatever life can throw at us and creating a state of peaceful capability which enables the physical side to be most effective. In adults, this results in an almost indefinable self-assurance, while parents of our students take comfort from the fact that their children are clearly spending their free time doing something positive that will help them throughout their life.

Can A Wing Chun Academy Help Me Become A Trainer?

We do train people to become trainers, provided they have studied and become proficient in Wing Chun Kung Fu to a suitably high level. It is a long and intensive process, but a worthwhile one for those who want to help others as they themselves have been helped. Having the skills to pass on the sense of peace that Wing Chun promotes is a powerful thing.

How Can I Get Involved in Wing Chun in Sydney?

Once you have read enough on our website to understand basically what it’s all about, just contact us by phone or online. We can give you further information about what wing chun martial arts really entails and how it differs from say, general wushu in Sydney. We can also arrange for you to come to our wing chun school and see for yourself how it works. Then just sign up and we can get cracking on transforming your life and those of your family.
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                            Superb place of training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just looking to improve their martial arts skills. This is even a great place to be in after a long stressful day of work. It has such a chilled vibe to it and the teacher is even cooler. He is truly a awesome teacher and even better person to just talk to. Highly highly recommend! Awesome place, awesome staff, 10s across the board for me!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019