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Kung Fu and Wing Chun: The Martial Arts Northbridge Can Learn

There is a lot to learn about ancient forms of self-defence and their associated ability to build a calm, confident and powerful mind. The martial art Northbridge residents has best access to is the Wing Chun Kung Fu we teach at One Tao Kung Fu Academy in Willoughby.








What Exactly is Wing Chun in Northbridge?

Kung Fu is a branch of the martial arts and Wing Chun is a form of Kung Fu. It is the one we believe is perfect for our academy. The proliferation of martial arts near Northbridge is testament to its widespread popularity in the ancient east, where it has been practised for thousands of years. With so many devotees over such a long period it is not surprising that variants have appeared and established themselves, as individuals learned the principles and added their own refinements.

With Wing Chun Northbridge martial arts practitioners can learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones against physical aggressors who, unfortunately, can appear anywhere in the world, even in a friendly area like this. And anyway, we move around, we take vacations in places that, for all their attractions, can be less safe than our own neck of the woods.

In addition to the physical side, though, through meditation we can teach you how to live in a calm way, with an inner confidence and self-belief that can make life itself easier to handle.

Posture, balance, bio-mechanics, fitness and energy: all of these things play a part in the Kung Fu Northbridge residents can learn.

Is Martial Arts in Northbridge as Complicated as it Sounds?

To gain the benefits of Wing Chun it is not necessary to understand anything particularly complex. Our instructors will teach you how to achieve your goals and you will find yourself understanding yourself better and appreciating the qualities that martial arts can bring out.

Can I Try This Out Before Committing Myself?

You certainly can. We can give you a free trial of the martial arts near Greenwich we teach, such as our Kung Fu near Northbridge, because we know for many people this is something they have never considered before. You may just not think of yourself as this kind of person, but remember, Wing Chun near Crows Nest is a peaceful practice that equips you to protect yourself in hostile situations that are not of your making. That in itself is a good feeling, and when you combine it with the everyday benefits of feeling calmer, more focused and in control, able to concentrate and make better decisions because of the serenity in your mind, your life could be about to change for the better. To contact us, you can simply call and talk to someone about what you want to achieve, put it all in an email or just fill in the short contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, come and see us, talk to one of the instructors and maybe watch a martial arts class near Lane Cove. You will be very welcome and we’ll answer all your questions. Then do the free trial and we’re confident that once you have seen what is possible and that it is possible for you, you’ll want to come back regularly and learn Wing Chun near Northbridge.
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                            Superb place of training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just looking to improve their martial arts skills. This is even a great place to be in after a long stressful day of work. It has such a chilled vibe to it and the teacher is even cooler. He is truly a awesome teacher and even better person to just talk to. Highly highly recommend! Awesome place, awesome staff, 10s across the board for me!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019