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Lifelong Learning With a Difference: The Martial Arts Academy Neutral Bay Needs

Learning a new skill to improve your life can only be regarded as a sensible thing to do. However good your education at school and even university, times change and something new may be required. Even so, such later education tends to involve business skills, IT and so on, but precious little for the enhancement of the body and mind. Nothing to improve your quality of life.

Here’s a radical suggestion: with easy access to One Tao Kung Fu Academy, via martial arts Neutral Bay residents can equip themselves to deal better with life in general. That’s because not only can we give you self-defence skills to boost personal confidence, but we can also teach you how to relax, and how to concentrate better. We also deal in calmness and awareness, and these are all useful attributes.








Why Martial Arts Near Neutral Bay Suits the 21st Century

Self-defence with a cool head: it’s a brilliant concept and someone somewhere deserves recognition for coming up with it, but that’s not going to happen now because martial arts were the brainchild of some genius way, way back in history. Thousands of years ago the concept was conceived and tried, expanded and developed, and it bubbled away in certain eastern cultures before gaining recognition in the rest of the world. While the blood-and-thunder approach was being revealed as ultimately self-defeating, the thoughtful path that is achieved through martial arts near Neutral Bay such as Kung Fu and our special form of it, Wing Chun, gradually came to be recognised as a serious alternative.

Our “sophisticated” age is probably the most stressful in history as regards day-to-day life. The need to be able to defend ourselves and our loved ones is completely incongruous in this time of computers and sedentary living, and yet step outside and you’ve got to be on your toes. Those who have martial arts on their side can proceed with more confidence. Meanwhile, it is so easy to upset people nowadays that our training, using meditation to promote the sort of calmness and clarity of thought that is invaluable in combat situations, can also be of huge benefit in smoothing our path through life.

Are Martial Arts Suitable for Everyone?

Learning Wing Chun near Roseville and becoming a calmer, more self-controlled person can make life better for adults and children, women and men, the physically fit and those who have let themselves go a bit. A martial arts academy near Neutral Bay applies equally to manual workers and top executives. At One Tao our martial arts academy near Neutral Bay students come from all walks of life and all sorts of towns and suburbs in the area. We are like a community resource and proud to play a part in the life of residents in Neutral Bay as much as anywhere else.

How to Get Started with Martial Arts in Neutral Bay

Why not pop along and see us in Penshurst Street, Willoughby? You can talk to an instructor, observe a martial arts class near Willoughby in progress and get a feel for the whole thing. If you still need to convince yourself, we offer a free trial. This might be the best thing you’ve learnt in years.
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                            Superb place of training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just looking to improve their martial arts skills. This is even a great place to be in after a long stressful day of work. It has such a chilled vibe to it and the teacher is even cooler. He is truly a awesome teacher and even better person to just talk to. Highly highly recommend! Awesome place, awesome staff, 10s across the board for me!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019