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Martial Arts in Lindfield: More Than you Might Think

When someone has a specialist interest, it is sometimes tempting to think that if you live in a relatively small community, you’re not going to find many like-minded people. That may be true to a certain extent, but it all depends on what’s available round and about. In the case of people interested in martial arts Lindfield is perfectly well catered for because you’ve got One Tao just along the road in Willoughby, and that’s a short drive. If you lived in one part of Sydney and the martial arts club was in another part you would have to take a trip to get there and it’s no different here in the suburbs. As for the like-minded people, maybe there is no one in your street who is into martial arts near Artarmon, but you can bet your belt – white, black or somewhere in the middle – there are people elsewhere in the area who share your interest. You will find them at One Tao Kung Fu Academy; we’ve got our own community going on and you are welcome to join it.








What are the Benefits of Practising Martial Arts Training in Lindfield?

The benefits of martial arts in Lindfield are twofold: physical and psychological, and the latter can be subdivided. The physical side is the one that most people know about: having martial arts skills equips you to deal with physical confrontations and attacks. This part of the world is quite peaceful, but you’ve only got to read the papers to see that nowhere is perfect. Having a proficiency in Kung Fu up your sleeve means you’re able to defend yourself should trouble come knocking on your door. Martial arts are reactive in more ways than one. They enable you to respond to physical aggression, even if you would never dream of starting anything yourself. And with Wing Chun up your sleeve – that’s the particular form of Kung Fu that we specialise in – the way you respond is by using the aggressor’s actions against them, using their own force and energy to destabilise and defeat them. The psychological benefits are all to do with peace of mind. There is the reassurance of knowing you can take care of yourself in hostile situations, but it’s more than that. Part of the training you will receive from our instructors in a wing chun class near Middle Cove involves meditation to develop a sense of calm, increase your awareness and give you clarity of thought, all of which can help in a combat situation but can also see you through everyday stresses and strains, particularly involving interpersonal relationships. You will improve your powers of concentration and your ability to relax, both of which can be a real benefit in these hectic times.

Can I Try Martial Arts in Lindfield Before I Buy?

If you’re interested but not sure if this is for you, why not pop down to one of our martial arts classes near Lindfield and talk to one of our instructors and maybe watch a class? Then you can give it a go with a free trial.

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                            Superb place of training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just looking to improve their martial arts skills. This is even a great place to be in after a long stressful day of work. It has such a chilled vibe to it and the teacher is even cooler. He is truly a awesome teacher and even better person to just talk to. Highly highly recommend! Awesome place, awesome staff, 10s across the board for me!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019