If you are looking to learn self defence which calms the mind, balances the emotions and builds your confidence then you are in the right place.

This Spiritual Martial Art teaches you meditation, combat skills, mindfulness techniques and energy work increasing your longevity, building presence, discipline and happiness for you to enjoy your life and your relationships.

After 15 years of Martial Arts practice in Tae Kwon Do and Boxing, I was lucky enough to find Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is a beautiful fighting art and system that combines slow concentrated movements to develop Chi; fighting principles, like the centreline, correct use of body structure, mass utilisation, multi vector force, fast, direct, efficient movements, partner training (Chi Sau) and weapons training into a devastating, comprehensive and complete fighting art.

But something was missing…

After dedicating 8 years of full-time study to Wing Chun Kung Fu, I was wondering still… where is the spiritual side to this beautiful art form? It originally came from Shaolin temple which was a Buddhist temple where people would study and meditate to reach ‘enlightenment’, but where was the philosophy and practice that could lead a practitioner deeper into the ‘spirit’ of the art?

Don’t get me wrong, many a practitioner of Wing Chun are spiritual people, but how could we find the deeper, more inner nature of this training? Luckily, I had found a teacher who was specialising in the ‘mind force’ side of the training, so this helped lead us to a degree of inner work.

Concentration, relaxation and the use of Chi. But still, this was only surface level and most people in this line were only looking for power over others, so I looked further into other internal and spiritual systems such as Taoism, Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qigong and found some great knowledge and practice.

But still I yearned for something deeper.

In 2007 I stumbled across a book that changed everything, this book was about a Cypriot Mystic and Healer known as the “Magus of Strovolos”. Since I had been looking for deeper meaning in our lives and also in Martial Arts this book came as quite a blessing.

There were meditations and practices in the book which I began to try and surely enough, the results I found for the development of character and martial skill began to skyrocket. Due to the phenomenal growth personally and also in a Martial Arts sense, I decided to go to Cyprus to meet the senior teachers of this ‘Magus of Strovolos” and since then I have not looked back.

My Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher before he passed away said “I hope that you can find a faster way to do what I have found”. By this he meant the ability to use the mind, Chi and Nim Tao to produce power. Some continued on teaching and training in the same old way, which was obvious to me that you would just get the same result.

Now I was armed with a secret weapon for development in life and in Martial Arts. This secret I had been sitting on all along without realising. This secret was within me, within all of us.

We as human beings have a material and a spiritual nature. Within this nature we have Chi or energy.

This very energy is what makes up our so called ‘energy body’ which is a great truth that will unlock ‘the kingdom of the heavens within you’ as you begin to explore and understand this great truth.

By connecting to and using your energy body consciously you can begin to master your thoughts and emotions, hence master your life.


Let me put it this way, I had a student who was studying Wing Chun in another school for close to a decade and he said to us after training him for 2 months, “I can now throw around my old teacher… but that’s not the important thing, I feel more relaxed and more confident, in social settings I feel really comfortable and happy in myself, I find it is doing things for me that my other trainings never have”.

Our approach is different in that we approach development from the inside out.

Learning to master the mind, emotions at the saime time aligning you posture correctly and learning to use biomechanics to overcome brute strength.

We utilise meditation in many forms from sitting, standing, moving and with a partner to cultivate our awareness to increase peace of mind and release your inner power for both combat and life.


One Tao Kung Fu Academy brings together martial arts, self defence, spirituality and meditation.

It is a method of training that leads to a calm state of mind, a sense of balance, happiness, confidence, longevity, letting go of negativity, and of course street fighting skills.

You develop your focus, presence, visualisation, self-awareness in a fun friendly environment.

You will work with mastering your energy body; standing, moving and sitting meditations, self-defence skills and drills, combined with lessons for personal and spiritual growth.

The adults programs consist of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Energy Work, Meditation, Grappling and Sparring.

To find out what program would be the best fit for you, book your free trial here.


  • Unwind and release stress
  • Improve mental health and resilience
  • Learn practical self defence
  • Feel centred and balanced
  • Peace of mind and clarity
  • Cultivate mindfulness and self awareness
  • Join a supporting and uplifting community
  • Improve your posture and confidence


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