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One Tao Kung Fu Academy specialises in internal martial arts. We teach a unique meditative approach to Wing Chun Kung Fu and Grappling.

The difference between internal and external arts, is that our internal approach focuses on balancing the body, using correct biomechanics, energy ‘chi’ work, building a calm, confident and powerful mind for longevity and happiness.

Our approach combines practical self-defence skills, correct posture, balance, bio-mechanics, fitness, the use of the energy body (chi body), focus, meditation, mindset and intention into a devastating fighting system and spiritually uplifting martial art.








Fitness of the Body and the Mind: Kung Fu Classes in Sydney

Kung Fu classes can change your life. That is more than just a snappy line: it’s true. For adults and children, taking Kung Fu lessons in Sydney can have a transformative effect. You may think of martial arts as sports that belong in the Olympic Games but have no relevance in real life – but you would be wrong. At One Tao Kung Fu Academy, we teach more than self-defence, although that in itself is a very valuable skill to have up your sleeve. The world can be a challenging place, and the skills we pass on here are guaranteed to increase self-assurance.

If you come to us for Kung Fu training in Sydney, you will learn skills that can help you to feel more confident in the sort of threatening situations that unfortunately still crop up from time to time. For all the education in the world and despite the fact that everyone should know better than to resort to violence, it does still exist and awkward scenarios can catch us off guard. Proficiency in Kung Fu is insurance against that. Picking up martial arts classes in Sydney can take the fear out of going to a sports event, walking after dark and even something as simple as getting back to your car after a nice dinner at a restaurant.

In addition to this new physical confidence, our Kung Fu School will teach you how to improve discipline, mindfulness (awareness) and control of your emotions. We can give you confidence and focus while teaching you wing chun kung fu. All in all, we can raise your quality of life from the inside – making you better equipped to handle anything fate may have in store for you.

The Mind, Not Just The Body: What Makes us Unique Among Sydney Kung Fu Schools

The physical side of Kung Fu is all that most people see when they think about it. But at our Kung Fu academy, we also teach meditation, which clears the mind of all the clutter and helps you relax, think more clearly, and make better decisions. It also gets your body in the best condition to perform when the physical side is called for. If you want to learn Kung Fu in Sydney, why not go the whole hog and learn Kung Fu that can help you in so many different ways? You’ve heard of holistic medicine, which treats the whole body rather than just the symptoms – well here’s the same sort of idea applied to self-preservation.

Is Your Kung Fu Academy Well-staffed?

Our Kung Fu school excellent coaches and facilities, presided over by our highly experienced founder Sifu John Cogan (sifu means teacher/father). It is becoming increasingly popular to learn Wushu Kung Fu in Australia and we are confident we are the best Kung Fu school in Sydney.

How Can I Find Out More About Kung Fu Classes in Sydney?

Call us or fill in the online form and we’ll be delighted to give you all the information you need. Enrol your kids for martial arts classes, or try out an Adult class for yourself!


If you’re looking for a martial art which calms your mind, balances your body and builds your confidence then One Tao Kung Fu Academy is the place for you.

At OTKFA we teach Self Defence, Meditation, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kids Kung Fu, Wrestling and Grappling.

We aim for longevity in your training, helping you to be healthy both physically and mentally, you will learn to defend yourself effectively, let go of negative emotions, be more calm, balanced, building confidence and resilience for life.

We train together as a community to build up your mental, emotional and physical strength. But that’s not all.

Apart from learning powerful realistic self-defence skills that are actually applicable for real-life situations, you will learn techniques for calming the mind, balancing emotions, how to bring out your presence and inner power.

You will learn how to align your posture, centre yourself, mindfulness techniques, concentration, cultivate your spiritual life and connect to your energy body aka your ‘chi’.

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                            Superb place of training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just looking to improve their martial arts skills. This is even a great place to be in after a long stressful day of work. It has such a chilled vibe to it and the teacher is even cooler. He is truly a awesome teacher and even better person to just talk to. Highly highly recommend! Awesome place, awesome staff, 10s across the board for me!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019